Broaden your Horizon: Why do freezing customers prefer romantic advertising?

18. Juni 2020 18:00

In unserer Webinarreihe "Broaden your Horizon" mit aktuell relevante Themengebieten aus den Bereichen "How Corona affects our thinking, our actions, the economy and us", "New (and old) Work", Skill Development, Finance & Marketing laden wir zu einem Wissens- & Erfahrungsaustausch mit Diskussion ein.

Thema: Why do freezing customers prefer romantic advertising? An introduction to embodied cognition theory

Body and mind interact in a multitude of ways – for instance, heavier books are considered more important or washing may alleviate guilt. These findings build on embodied cognition, which has shown the effects of physical states on our thoughts and behavior. The presentation gives a short introduction to the topic and shows what implications this relation between body and mind may have for marketing.

Dozent:Prof. Dr. Pascal Bruno, ISM Frankfurt/Main, Brand & Fashion Management

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