Broaden your Horizon: human side in M&A projects

09. Juni 2020 18:00

In unserer Webinarreihe "Broaden your Horizon" mit aktuell relevante Themengebieten aus den Bereichen "How Corona affects our thinking, our actions, the economy and us", "New (and old) Work", Skill Development, Finance & Marketing laden wir zu einem Wissens- & Erfahrungsaustausch mit Diskussion ein.

Thema: Why managers still neglect the “human side” in M&A projects: insights from experienced management consultants in Germany

While knowledge regarding the ‘human side’ in M&A Projects is already prevailed in the corporate world, due to the specific setup of M&A projects and psychological characteristics of decision makers, in M&As it is usually ignored. We argue that the M&A governance setup might be adapted to mitigate these negative effects. A real change is only possible if the mindset of involved managers changes to include a more detailed view of the ‘human side’ in management per sé.

Dozent:Prof. Dr. Walter Götz, ISM Munich, Psychology & Management

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